Keep your antivirus up to date

It is always recommended to have an antivirus on your computer, viruses and other infectious malware can increase your internet data usage.

Limit video game downloads

Being able to immediately download a video game purchased online is convenient for sure. But several games can exceed 25GB without counting updates, this increases your data usage.
Game consoles are contributing to increased data usage, but, contrary to what one might think. The biggest source is not online gaming, but the initial installation of the game, and subsequent updates. Online gaming can use from 10MB/h to more than 200 GB/h. On the other hand, installing games, updating them can consume dozens of GB in a short time.

So, if you have a gamer at home, tell him to monitor his downloads rather than his game. The best is to download at the end of the day, or very early in the morning.

Social networks

Social networks like Facebook are also very voracious, especially if you tend to watch every video that appears on your News Feed and it starts playing automatically. A good tip is to disable the “auto-play’’ feature which is in your Facebook account settings. This way, you can select videos you want to watch yourself and avoid unnecessary data loss.


Take the habit of turning off your computers when you’re not using them, limiting data consumption in the background.

Synchronizing tablets and smartphones within ‘’cloud’’ is a significant source of Internet data consumption. Automatic Cloud backups increase the total data consumed – especially if you have multiple devices connected to the network. So, make sure you save the essentials only, choosing the important files.

Video settings

  • Netflix: Go to my profile: Video settings then choose the low resolution
  • Tou TV: Start a video and click on the 3 dots at the top right top. Then click on Video Stream Quality. Choose and change video setting quality
  • You-tube: Start a video and then go to the settings. Change video setting quality

Use this procedure for all video applications.