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About Internexe

Internexe has established its headquarters in Knowlton, Lac Brome, Québec. Our mission has always been and continues to be the network that provides an outstanding and personalised Internet service to our residential and business subscribers.

Since 2004 Internexe has always reinvested to build, improve and expand its networks in the Eastern Townships and in the Montérégie. Our passionate and very dynamic team is totally dedicated to offer the very best internet experience.

As one of the largest Wireless Internet Service Providers in Quebec, we have acquired the necessary expertise to master the best technologies available over the years. AIRMAX is one of them, and it is allowing us to offer High Speed Internet in towns and in the rural areas where traditional telephone and cable carriers have ignored the resident’s needs.

In 2016 and 2017, Internexe also invested massively in the latest and the most advanced wireless technology available, LTE 4G, (Long Term Evolution). Our LTE systems manufactured by the leader in its field, Huawei, are being installed on the highest mountains in order to offer the service to the largest subscriber base possible.

While we continue to believe that our wireless solutions are very well suited for our region, we are also investing in a new Fiber Optic network. The construction has now started in our home town. We are proud to be the first provider to offer FTTH (Fiber To The Home) in Lac Brome.

In April 2020, Cogeco acquired iTeract (Internexe Telécommunications). In the near future, we have plans to deploy FTTH in many other areas and surrounding Lac Brome. (https://www.cogeco.ca/en/)

We believe that high speed internet access should not be determined by where you live.