Invite your friends!

Invite your friends to join Internexe!

Every time you invite a friend to join Internexe for their telecommunications services, you earn a $25 referral bonus, applied as a reduction on your upcoming Internexe payment. As soon as the service is installed, you will receive your referral bonus.

The more friends you invite, the more you can save.


New customers must give their sponsor’s name when calling to open their account.
A referral bonus will be applied within 30 days from service activation.


  • Sponsors must be Internexe residential or business customers to benefit from referral bonus;
  • At the time of the referral, the friend cannot have subscribed to any Internexe services over the last six months;
  • The referral bonus is $25 per referred friend, regardless of how many services are activated;
  • This promotion does not apply to seasonal subscriptions.